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Beyond the Declaration: A Canadian Perspective on the UDHR

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the newest exhibit at the Nahum Gelber Law Library offers a captivating exploration of human rights and its impact on Canada.

Learned medicine in the Middle Ages: two manuscripts come to the Osler Library

manuscript page

Meet two new manuscripts on the shelves at the Osler Library. The library got both a puzzle and a prize in these two medieval medical manuscripts this year, both providing exciting research potential. Read on for more.

The Presence of a Great Writer

Château de Ferney

During his lifetime, Voltaire was a prolific and well-connected correspondent. A selection of his letters now resides at McGill in the Jacqueline Lambert-David Collection. Read more about this extraordinary collection.

Spotlight on Roy States

Roy States in his office

Roy States wore many hats – an activist, a historian, a soldier, and a collector of books. His trailblazing began long before he walked McGill’s halls, and his legacy continues to inspire students through his collection on Black Canadian History. Read more in this new biographical sketch.

The Making of Moments in Time

Explore collection highlights featured in the historically minded, family-friendly (and pretty!) new “Moments in Time” card game developed by staff members and students at ROAAr.

A Deep Dive into the Moshe Safdie Archive

esquisse moshe safdie

The story of Moshe Safdie’s professional practice and student works can be found in his archive. Now this incredible body of work has made its way home to where it all started – McGill. Tellina Liu, Archivist & liaison librarian for the Moshe Safdie Archive, walks us through past, present, and future moments of engagement with the collection.

Charlotte A. Cavatica

spider poem set on press

Learn more about the process behind Associate Provost (Teaching and Academic Planning) Chris Buddle’s recent hands-on visit to McGill’s Book Arts Lab where spinning mixed art inspired by a most memorable storybook character was more than child’s play.

McGill Library launches Missing Voices Website & Lost Voices Podcast

Gwillim sketch, purple heron

Le français suit McGill Library is pleased to announce the launch of the Missing Voices: South Asian Perspectives on The Gwillim Archives website and Lost Voices podcast, developed with funding from the Digital Museums Canada investment program. As museums, libraries, and archives around the world confront the …

McGill Library launches Missing Voices Website & Lost Voices Podcast Read More »

Laying the groundwork: what really goes into the making of a library?

Mary Yearl, Head Librarian, Osler Library of the History of Medicine lire la version française The library that Sir William Osler bequeathed to the Medical Faculty of McGill University was curated with intent. The original library did not consist simply …

Laying the groundwork: what really goes into the making of a library? Read More »

Colour and Cards – the Foundations of Tuck & Sons

pictures from paddyland

Jacquelyn Sundberg, Outreach Librarian lire la version française Colour. For graphic designers and publishers today, colour is a crucial choice for every project, laying the groundwork for the tone of a publication. In the early days of postcards and colour …

Colour and Cards – the Foundations of Tuck & Sons Read More »

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