ROAAr newsletter: Spotlight: Latest Acquisitions at McGill

Ways of seeing: artistry on display in the Osler’s autumn acquisitions

There is something about those eyes… at once alarmingly life-like and eerily anonymous. United in artistry and detailed craftsmanship, these four new acquisitions at the Osler Library of the History of Medicine provide “eye-opening” additions to the collection.

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The Unknown Unknown: Finding the Jean Drapeau Collection

This chance discovery provides a new perspective on Montreal mayor and larger-than-life figure Jean Drapeau. What did he really think of his costly 1976 Olympics and the long-unanswered Malouf Report? This new material promises fresh insights.

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 If These Buildings Could Walk: On a newly acquired Melvin Charney sculpture

What tales would the walls around you could tell if only they could speak? What stories would the buildings that house our everyday lives have to share? Melvin Charney’s sculpture “Three Stragglers,” a new addition to McGill’s Visual Arts Collection, explores these ideas and more.

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New Insights from John Peters Humphrey: The Man Behind the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This new digital and physical exhibit celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the life and work of John Peters Humphrey, the man who first put pen to paper.

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ROAAr editorial team: Nathalie Cooke (Associate Dean, ROAAr), Vanessa Di Francesco, Jennifer Garland, Merika Ramundo, Jacquelyn Sundberg, Jean-Marc Tremblay, Mary Yearl.

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