by Vanja Lugonjic

Looking to do some armchair traveling this summer? Broaden your reading list horizons by playing #McGillBookBingo!

To play, simply check out the bingo card below and get reading. Whether you complete a line, a blackout, or an X – the most important part of this game is to embrace the pleasure of reading. This is no competition, but like many things in life, the more the merrier! Invite your friends, family, book club or neighbours to join you in discovering books you might not have thought about reading before.

Post your winning card and accompanying books on social media and tag or send us a DM on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #McGillBookBingo.

To get you started, the Bull and Bear just came out with a sweet summer reading list or check out the Library’s summer 2019 reading list. Additionally, Redpath Book Displays offer a fun way to explore different themes. We also have tons of e-books and audiobooks in our collection. You can access it all in the catalogue and search by keyword.

If you can’t view the card above, here are twelve combinations for this year’s summer bingo plus some links to more recommendations and resources. Happy reading!

Row 1 Across

Row 2 Across

  • Book written in French
  • A book made into a tv show or movie
  • Book bought at an independent bookstore
  • A memoir
  • A college coming of age book

Row 3 Across

Row 4 Across

  • Poetry collection
  • Suggested by a friend
  • Book written by an indigenous Canadian author
  • Award-winning book
  • Book set in or around a mountain

Row 5 Across

  • Book from a series
  • Graphic novel
  • Book with a bird on the cover
  • A cookbook (+ try a recipe)
  • Audiobook

Column 1 Down

Column 2 Down

Column 3 Down

  • Pop-up book
  • Book bought at an independent bookstore
  • [free space]
  • Book written by an indigenous Canadian author
  • Book with a bird on the cover

Column 4 Down

  • A book written by a BIPOC author
  • A memoir
  • A book with a red cover
  • Award-winning book
  • A cookbook and try a recipe

Column 5 Down

Diagonal 1

Diagonal 2

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