It’s Here! McGill Library Welcomes AMAZE; A McGill A to Z Experience

A is for anatomy, alphabet and AMAZE: A McGill A-Z Experience.

In 2020, the McGill Library put together a truly remarkable book – AMAZE; a McGill A-Z Experience. With visual treats and moveable surprises at the turn of every page, AMAZE inspires interactive moments of wonder with McGill’s extraordinary collections. Brilliant paper engineers from Papersmyths breathed life into 26 alphabetical wonders from the Library’s rare and special collections. Artworks, graphics, books, manuscripts, even physical objects leap from the page in this moveable, interactive book.

The book showcases a playful way of engaging with the collections – making them accessible to all. Feel free to wonder at the pop-up printing press or examine the intricate details in an ancient anatomy text. This alphabet book will take you on a journey, from A to Z with some delightful surprises along the way.

AMAZE is also a unique celebration of McGill’s history and impact. It is no coincidence that we launched this book March 30th, the day before McGill celebrated its Bicentennial anniversary. AMAZE showcases the history of the collections and the university in a moving journey from A to Z.

Update, March 31, 2021

The Book is now available for sale at Le James Bookstore. Pick up your copy today:

The book launched on March 30, 2021. Hear from paper engineers at Papersmyths on how this pop-up and movable book was made. Watch the Book launch below:

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