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Savoury Imbroglio!

Savoury Imbroglio!

A lot of ambiguity surrounds September’s “Caption This” image, a hilarious still from a theatrical performance at McGill. The description of this image in our digital archives is “Shots of McGill Faculty of Music production” and it was taken circa …

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Caption This – Swimsuit Edition

people sitting on a pool edge

“What a chorus line we’d make in Esther Williams’ movies!” Thanks to Sharon Cohen for this month’s caption. We asked you to date this photo based on the swimsuit style and many of you were very close! Thanks to all …

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Double Takes: A Brief History of Stereographs


Upon first glance, last month’s “Caption This” photograph may have instinctively prompted some to search for differences between two seemingly identical images. However, it wasn’t a “spot the difference” puzzle; it was, in fact, a stereograph. Stereography, a photography technique, …

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Surprise, that’s my father!

editor on the phone

We had a clear frontrunner for last month’s Caption This photo is from Marilyn Hayes. This photo, labelled as “Editor-in-Chief Annual ’32,” is from our McGill Archival collection. It is in fact a photo of Saul Hayes, then Editor in …

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Stereographic Caption This, June edition

picnic scene

What would you Caption this photo? What do you notice about this photo? Send us your observations, thoughts, and, of course, Captions! Share your comments on and captions for this photo by tagging us on Twitter, Instagram, or by email …

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May Caption This – Click Joy!

See the slide deck below for other runners up.

April Caption This – Library Mischief

three mischievious boys

We had a clear winner for this month’s Caption this photo. Thanks to Gordon Roback for a spot-on bit of library mischief. Our monthly Caption This post invites fun, invites interaction, and invites engagement. It is of course a completely …

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“Can you spot where we left our snowshoes?”

group of men in the snow

For the February edition of Caption This, we opted to be thematically consistent and chose another postcard from Montreal Import Co.’s  “Canadian Sport Series” which depicts a group of uniformed men gleefully bouncing their peer. Inspired by the caption of …

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New Year, New Caption This!

New Year, New Caption This! The January weather inspired us to start 2023 off with an ode to the winter season, and what better to represent the freezing cold with than ice? This month’s Caption This put the spotlight on …

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“Talk, Mr. Bond”

In the spirit of Spooky Season, ROAAr’s October “Caption This” featured a rather fascinating image of a blindfolded man sitting in front of what seems to be a sci-fi torture device. Once again, the captions submitted by participants did not …

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