Six ways to celebrate fall convocation from afar, Library-style

McLennan-Redpath Terrace covered in orange fallen leaves.
Credit: Merika Ramundo

Congratulations, graduates! Virtual convocation is right around the corner. Usually at this time of year, we delight at seeing graduating students and their families all around campus taking photos surrounded by fall colours.

We also usually jot down a list of Library activities to do with visiting family members. And this year will be no different. Well, a little different. Though the activities are virtual, know that near or far, we’re celebrating your amazing accomplishments right along with you. Those long hours at the Library sure paid off.



Celebrate with unique McGill GIFs, both contemporary and historical:

Zoom backgrounds

Strike a pose in your favourite study spot and it will be as if you never left:

Birks Reading Room tables, with sun streaming through stained glass windows

Or if rare collections are more your thing, use a gem from the Library’s world-class holdings as a backdrop as you raise a glass to the future:

McGill yearbooks

You’re in good company! Get inspired by history, tradition and the accomplishments of McGill graduates of yesteryear:

Digital exhibitions & collections

Delve into over 80 digital projects covering a wide array of subjects including, art, architecture, history and literature, engineering, medicine, maps, music, and urban design:

Colour our Collections

Download our McGill Library colouring book and get creative:

Library game

Solve puzzles as you virtually navigate spaces on campus to uncover the game’s villain and gain access to some of the McGill Library’s best-kept secrets:

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