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ROAAr comes together to remember

The Visual Arts Collection is using materials from across ROAAr to honour fallen McGillians and trace the post-First World War evolution of the McGill campus in a new exhibit titled “Through Tragedy We Transform.”

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McGill, Montreal and beyond at the MUA

From requests from the media, artists, students and alumni to family history and, of course, scholarly researchers, the McGill University Archives fills a multitude of reference requests every year. All are welcome.

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Rare books take on an added dimension

One rare volume by Canadian artist Paul Kane, enhanced by new technologies, became the centre of a successful major public lecture with cross-disciplinary interest.

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Bringing the world to the Osler and the Osler to the world

Students, faculty and researchers delve into centuries of Canada’s rich medical history with the unique treasures in the Osler Library of the History of Medicine.

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