Print Layout

When preparing to print a book, magazine or pamphlet, the layout of the pages is complex. In a print shop, each page would be typeset in reverse, blocked, and carefully arranged to produce the pages in the correct order and orientation once folded and bound. The algorithm to get your pages right requires careful attention!

Find the correct page number sequence in the images below. The images show two sides of a single sheet. There is a clue hidden on all but the last three pages. Together, in order, the clues make a short phrase. Click on the images to open in a new tab and zoom in, or right-click and download the images to be able to rotate the images.

Once you sequence all clues, enter the password to inspect the Wooden Printer Blocks on the typecase in the Book Arts Lab to unlock the next clue.

hint: five words: —- — —– — —

The Book Craftsman, RBSC, Colgate Collection.

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