Six ways to celebrate McGill’s fall convocation, Library-style

Congratulations, graduates! Fall Convocation is upon us and it’s the first time in two years that students, families, and faculties are able to celebrate in person. At this time of year, we usually jot down a list of Library activities to do with visiting family members. As only current McGill student, faculty, and staff are able to access Library spaces, we’re including mostly virtual activities.

And remember, we’re celebrating your amazing accomplishments right along with you. Those long hours in the Library, Study Hubs, and your home offices sure paid off. FĂ©licitations!


Celebrate with unique McGill GIFs, both contemporary and historical on McGill’s GIPHY page: and the Library’s own GIPHY:

GIF of illustration of McGill graduate in convocation robes holding a red McGill flag.
Left: McGill postcard: The McGill University Girls Series, ca 1909. F. Earl Christy (1882-1961). McGill University Archives 2007-0090.03.1. Right: McGill postcard: The University Girls Series, 1907. F. Earl Christy. McGill University Archives, PU042016.

McGilliana: 200 Years of Student Life

McGilliana is both a virtual and in-person exhibition that celebrates McGill’s 200-year history and includes a complete section on Convocation, the moment every student is working towards!

Objects in a display case, including a Science McGill '14 mug and 1957 McGill Yearbook.


C is for Convocation. What better way to celebrate the class of 2021 than with the recent pop-up book, “AMAZE: a McGill A to Z Experience”? See McGill’s 200-year history unfold before your eyes:

AMAZE book opened to the Convocation page.

Zoom backgrounds

Bring McGill with you! Zoom backgrounds of your favourite Library spaces will allow you to visit any time you like: Or if rare collections are more your thing, use a gem from the Library’s world-class holdings as your backdrop as you embark on your next adventure:

Percy Nobbs watercolour bird's eye view of McGill's downtown campus.


You’re in good company! Get inspired by history, tradition and the accomplishments of McGill graduates of yesteryear and digitally browse Old McGill and Clan Macdonald yearbooks:

Many Old McGill yearbooks on a book truck.

Colour our Collections

Download our McGill Library colouring book and get creative:

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