Schulich Library’s Renaissance: Celebrating Knowledge & Community

On October 30, in a great display of academic enthusiasm and community spirit, the Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering celebrated its grand re-opening after a four-year renovation period with an event that left guests inspired and excited for the future. Schulich Library staff members and librarians welcomed students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to revel in a refreshed space filled with special guests, informative kiosks, live music, and giveaways.

Ceremonial Remarks

A short ceremony emceed by Trenholme Dean of Libraries Guylaine Beaudry kicked off the celebration. Notable speeches given by Principal & Vice-Chancellor Deep Saini, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Christopher Manfredi, Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) VP University Affairs Lalia Katchelewa, and Post-Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS) University Affairs Officer Racchana Ramamurthy. Each speaker highlighted the pivotal role that the Schulich Library’s spaces, services, and people has played in fostering learning and research within the community.

  • Over 100 guests attended Schulich Library's reopening celebration. Credit: Owen Egan

Watch the ceremony in its entirety.

Musical Backdrop

The celebration caught some guests by surprise with live music gracing the library’s halls! The sounds of classical guitar, cello, and even a three-piece band made their way through stacks and study spaces courtesy of the student musicians from the Schulich School of Music.   

Interactive Fun

Information kiosks were strategically placed on floors 2, 3, 4, and 5. Guests were able to engage with staff members and learn more about the Library’s services, collections, spaces, and its rich history. Visitors were encouraged to take the “Schulich Library Checkout Card” on the back of their program and visit all four kiosks to receive a small token of appreciation – a Schulich pin!

Flavourful Twist

Just outside the Schulich Library in the lobby of the Frank Dawson Adams Building and just in time for lunch, passing students (i.e. regular Schulich users) and celebration guests were offered freshly baked pizza, apples, and popcorn while engaging in conversation and live music.

The success of the Schulich Library’s grand opening celebration underscored the community’s shared commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and the value placed on collaborative learning environments. As the library takes its place at the center of academic life, the vibrant festivities served as a fitting re-introduction to the wealth of resources and opportunities that lie within its walls. A big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate!

The Schulich Library has been closed since 2019 for significant structural repair and restoration. More natural light, newly exposed architectural details embedded in the red stonework, and the upcoming installation of new landscaping make this bright, updated space a must-see. Thank you for your patience during the Schulich Library renovation. Have yet to visit this refreshed space? Check out highlights of the renovation in this slideshow featuring construction shots and “before and after” pictures!

  • The stone structure enveloping the building was stabilized. Credit: Merika Ramundo

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