How Many Can You Solve? : The Riddle Project

By Leehu Sigler

The Riddle Project is a ROAAr project dedicated to transcribing, solving, and researching riddles found in early manuscripts! Help us solve them all!

Riddle text

What can promote innocent mirth, and I may say virtue, more than a good riddle?[1] Middlemarch, George Eliot

Waiting for the bus? Can’t fall asleep? Bored? Forget sudoku, how about a riddle? At Timeless Riddles we have lots of rare riddles from early diaries, cookbooks, letters and more. And we need your help finding answers! Why don’t you try a few?

Riddle text #2The beginning of Eternity,

The end of time and place.

The beginning of every end

And the end of every age.


Did you get it? The answer is ‘E’. ‘E’ is the first letter of both ‘eternity’ and ‘end’, but the last letter of ‘time’, ‘place’ and ‘age’.

Cool, right?

Here’s another one:

Blog riddle #3What english word is that composed of seven letters?

take off five, & it is a male, four & it is a female,

three it is a great Man, &

all together it is a great Woman.

The answer to this one is ‘Heiress’. ‘Heiress’ is a great woman in seven letters, ‘Heir’ is a great man in four, a female is ‘her’ and a male is ‘he’.

Too easy? Luckily, we have more! At Timeless Riddles we are busy searching for more puzzling questions to share. And you are all invited to try to solve them!

We already have lots online, and we’ll be posting more regularly. As answers start piling up, we will make sure to upload the solutions as well! Can you solve them all? It’s going to be exciting!

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Keep calm and riddle on!

[1] George Eliot, Middlemarch (Project Gutenberg, 2008)

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