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I’m not hanging noodles on your ears” by Jag Bhalla is a collection of funny and intriguing sayings from different cultures around the world. Different languages offer unique expressions that may sound strange and funny, however, it is these differences that enrich the McGill community and color the way we relate to each other. This book is a marvelous account of different ways of seeing the world. From one language to another, from one culture to another here are some ingenious idioms that may cause you to hang noodles on your ears… or not. Here are a few examples to expand your views:

• To bang your butt on the ground: to die laughing (French)

• To be sweet potato with: to be madly in love with (Spanish, Costa Rica)

• A fly on the nose: a chip on the shoulder (Italian)

• To worship the left foot of someone: to acknowledge someone’s superiority (Hindi)

• To use two tongues: to tell a lie (Japanese)

• To tell someone the four truths: to tell exactly what one thinks (Spanish)

• To count stars: to twiddle your thumbs (Russian)

• To have to take a hat: forced to resign (German)

• To not have a single radish: flat broke (French)

• To bite the moon: to try the impossible (French)

• To produce wind at the corners of one’s mouth: to be eloquent (Chinese)


Available at the Humanities & Social Sciences Library

P326.5 I35 B43 2009


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