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Help McGill Library raise funds for Centraide of Greater Montréal!

Some statistics:

  • 27% of the population of Greater Montreal is poor (lives under the low-income threshold).
  • In Greater Montreal, one in three children under 15 years of age is poor.
  • On the Island of Montreal alone, one in three children under 5 years of age is poor.
  • In the past two years, the number of cases of child abuse reported to the director of youth protection in Montreal has increased by 20%. Two-thirds of these cases concerned children 11 years of age or under, and the most frequent cause was neglect.
  • Teen violence in and around the school has become a fact of life in Montreal. In 1997-1998, 7,000 young people involved in violent situations turned to youth centres for assistance.

Of every dollar raised during the campaign, 87.3 cents goes to the agencies in the form of direct allocations, investments in social research and analysis, and support and follow-up services.

For more information on McGill’s Centraide Campaign, click here.

Drop by and spread the word!

Drop by and spread the word!











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