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Upon completion of the first phase of the McGill Little Free Libraries (LFL) project, we received a wave of interest from numerous units across the university. One of these requests came from student Dorothy Yip, a Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) Ambassador who proposed bringing LFLs to the McGill residence community. In February of 2018, Dorothy brought a proposal to the residence hall presidents’ meeting and the rest, as they say, is history. Dorothy’s enthusiasm for the project propelled things forward and ten LFLs were installed throughout the McGill Residence system downtown in the summer of 2018.

To me, books are to be shared and sharing is about people. Residences are so full of people and is so integral to the McGill experience. How else to embellish a year at McGill (for most people, the first year) with a bit of love for each other and a bit of love for knowledge (or just a bit of fun)? Creating this platform where people can share books could help strengthen residence communities while at the same time pooling resources in a world where everything can be given second life. – Dorothy Yip

Watch this short video to learn more about why Dorothy wanted to see these little yellow boxes at residence locations. Special thanks to Isabelle Camille Blaise, McGill Library’s Student Marketing Project Assistant for creating the video.

Instagram post featuring PGSS LFL

Instagram post featuring PGSS LFL

Did you know that…

…a makeshift McGill LFL embedded in an existing vintage wooden bookshelf can also be found at Thomson House, home of the Post-Graduate Students’ Society of McGill University (PGSS)?

…individuals from across Canada and students & staff from institutions like Université de Sherbrooke, Queen’s University and Marianopolis College who are passionate about the book sharing movement and want to start LFL programs in their communities also reached out to learn more about McGill’s project?

….a Little Free Library cedar mini shed was built and installed by McGill staff for the LFL at the Gault Nature Reserve?

Happy sharing!




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