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“After Thomas Patten, An East View of Montreal, in Canada,” published for Carington Bowles at his map and print warehouse, No. 69 in St. Paul’s Church Yard, London (after 1760), hand-coloured engraving, 15.2 × 26.1 cm.
Lawrence Lande Collection of Canadiana, Lande 101, Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University Library, Montreal.

We have the privilege of rediscovering our collections through the eyes of researchers like Dr. Charmaine Nelson, art historian and scholar of Black Canadian Studies. Dr. Nelson’s work unpacks the colonial narratives that are present within the visual culture of historical documents like this one.

The marine landscape above captures a moment in time after the capitulation of Montreal to the British, from the perspective of British officer and artist Thomas Patten. Dr. Nelson included this 18th century print from our Lande Collection of Canadiana in her 2016 publication, Slavery, geography and empire in nineteenth-century marine landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica.

Dr. Nelson, a former McGill colleague, is now a Tier 1 Canadian research chair at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where she continues to break new ground with the development of the Institute for the Study of Canadian Slavery.

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