A New (Old) Game of Solitaire

I would guess that most of us know how to play at least one form of solitaire. For owners of a Windows computer, the classic Free Solitaire game has been built into the operating system since 1990. It was included to make new users of the Windows OS more comfortable and familiar with how to operate a mouse and the interface. It was based on a version of solitaire for cards called Klondike. For many, this is the only form of solitaire we know!

There are MANY more! We know of at least 64 more. In curating our current exhibition What’s in the Cards? The art of play and games in the McGill Library Collections, we discovered one manual that gives layouts and rules for these variations. Dick’s Games of Patience or Solitaire with Cards provides 64 variations on the classic game of solitaire with cards. We challenge you to pick up a deck of cards (or two!) and learn a new way to play the Game of Patience!

We tried out the “The Zodiac” but take note, you do need two full decks of cards for that version. Play your way through something new, and let us know how it went by emailing photos and comments to roaar.library@mcgill.ca, or tagging us on socials (@mcgill_rare on Insta and X)

For students in exam season, or anyone in need of a break from work or study, grab a deck of cards and soothe your mind with a round of ‘The Pyramid’!” See the instructions on gameplay here: https://archive.org/details/McGillLibrary-rbsc_games-patience-solitaire-cards_GV1261D561898-22078/page/74/mode/2up.

dick's game of patience, or solitaire with Cards
Dick & Fitzgerald. Dick’s Games of Patience, or, Solitaire with Cards. Edited by William B Dick, New edition, revised and enlarged ed., Dick & Fitzgerald, 1884. RBSC.

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